Yes We Can

Its a really amazing time to be here in the USA. I feel very fortunate to witness this process. Once in a while in politics someone enters the arena, and changes the status quo, forever. They pull back the blinds, open the windows and let fresh air rush into the space which for too long has been allowed to fester and atrophy with a lack of vision, passion and belief in someting better being possible, let alone desirable.

Obama appears to me to be the first politician to have run for the highest office in any country for decades that actually seems to have the capacity to be a world class statesmen of stature and integrity.

To watch him speak is moving and inspiring, his bid for the nomination and the presidency has become so much more than a ‘run’, it has become a movement a vision and a collective inspiration of all races, creeds and socioeconomic backgrounds. It screams ‘We the people’, we the people who are sick of the bare faced lies and the neverending bullshit, we the people who dont want to hear justifications for torture and inhumanity, we the peeple, who vote our politicians into power to do our bidding, not to strip us of rights, privacy and basic democracy, and this is not just the people of the USA but all people everywhere, we the people of the world.

Hilary, sadly for her, looks by comparison, tarnished by time and tide, her window of opportunity passed silently some time ago and she is now just part of the machine, and her constant references to ‘my opponent’ seem to aknowledge that fact. I hope for the sake of her historical reputation, that she will now withdraw and learn a lesson from that ‘opponent’. She and Senator McCain are outclassed by a man who has a weapon that has been missing in politics all over the world for far far too long…dignity.

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