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I have seen the future of film making and its color is RED

The other night I went to the LAFCPUG ‘Red’ event that was the best attended meeting I have ever seen for LAFCPUG.

The Red One has obviously come along way from its announcement and speculations that it was ‘vaporware’, it most certainly is a long long way from that.

The Red One

The images which were shown were stunning and the camera itself looks mean and lean with an array of I/O. Many of the features of the camera are not yet enabled, but will become so as the software development progresses.

The work flow in Final Cut seems beautifully integrated, so the possibility of acquiring 4k images and editing them, with almost limitless output possibilities is upon us.

I specked up a system at the Red web site, and by the time I’d finished window shopping a cool system and filling my cart I was at $45,000. $45,000 Bucks! (23,000 Pounds at the prevailing rate). Wow! I remember the list price of a Digibeta when we we doing side by side comparison shoots with S16 was 75,000 Pounds Sterling or $150,000

It reminded me of those days gone by listening to the BBC engineers discussing the emergence of the new digital system….

“Well, its OK, but it will never replace film’……(Exit Stage Left, Pursued by a Bear)

Click here for Red’s website

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